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Dwelling Place

Unveiling a new faith based community in the bayside.

Nathan Roser


A church starting in brisbane’s bayside area wanted a fresh brand and visual presence to communicate their passion for people, community and family.

freelance graphic design


I designed their logo and brand and continue to design all promotional and social media materials.
The brand has established who they are and enabled them to start off with a consistent visual identity as they assist and help those in their community.


"Upile is exceptional to work with. He designed our logo & brand and handles all of our visual and creative direction. There are a few highlights of our experiences working with him.
1. His highly relational and personable style makes it easy to discuss projects with realistic outcomes and timelines.
2. His ability to interpret concepts and ideas and develop them into practical designs is encouraging and makes it easy for people engaging his services.
3. His broad skill-set allows for excellent cohesion for design across multiple platforms and media forms."

Doug Parker

brand design mackay

logo designer

Nathan Roser

branding identity design

Nathan Roser

freelance designer

More work.

I'm always keen for a chat, so get in touch to find out how I might be able to help you.

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