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upile mkoka.

(oo-peel-e, mm-coke-ah)


Hey! I'm Upile - part African, part Australian and fully creative. 


I have been consumed with all things design for the past 10 years in which I received a scholarship to study a Diploma of Graphic Design, worked for award winning agencies in an array of roles, partnered with clients on a local, national and international level and more recently, stepped out into the world of the freelancer and I’ve loved every step of the way.

When I'm not sitting behind a computer designing, I'm sitting behind a computer in my studio where I write music under monikers Weathered and Reu (the latter with my beautiful wife Rebecca).

I bring vision to organisations through brand design and purpose to people through visual identity.

So why design?

From experience in printing press, photography, videography & drone, marketing, animation and more - I've seen the importance in good design and how a strong brand identity needs to be at the foundation of everything else. I've seen so many business owners struggle to visually communicate the vision they have for their organisation and the frustration that follows when their customers/clients aren't walking through the doors or calling their phones.

We are all aware how inundated we are with advertising, messages and different visual communications - making it all the more difficult to stand out and be remembered. This is why eye-catching design, brand continuity and visual identity is so important - without it, you're easily forgotten!

I also make music!






Fancy free stuff?

Contact me for a free brand assessment to see how your visual identity is going.

Everything else.

I'd love to see how I can help you with your logo, brand and design needs.

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