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Business & Pleasure

Speed dating for your business.


Business & Pleasure began from two business partners that were wanting to create a networking community in Central Queensland’s capital of Rockhampton. They wanted to host events that promoted easy and fun networking between attendees and came up with the idea to format the events just like speed dating. B&P were looking for an elegant, luxurious brand to give the events a strong visual presence to reach its desired clientele.

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I wanted to create something minimal, easy to distinguish, and timeless. Two colours. Two fonts. Two letters joined together to signify the combining of two words that are usually otherwise juxtaposed away from each other.

The branding has also been strengthened by gold ‘veins’ and the use of clean lines to frame text and imagery. Primarily positioned on digital mediums, Business & Pleasure has established a strong visual presence with their events having huge success and gaining media attention.


Looking for a unique and specific design to set apart the same intent of a brand new networking platform, I asked Upile to assist. With little information, and absolutely no guide as to how that would look, I needed help from the ground up. All I knew was how I wanted the end 'feel' to be. Always friendly, and always extremely efficient, Upile once again exceeded my expectations. I received a complete marketing series for every social platform and he thought of every, single, detail! It was exactly what I had envisioned, and what's better it was great value for money! Thankyou Upile, once again you never disappoint.

Elizabeth Hood

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