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All Inclusive Learning

Short courses and barista training made easy.


Couple good education with career pathways and this is where All Inclusive Learning resides. Passionate to offer students practical steps to get them into the career of their dreams and help in whatever way possible.

They had half a business card in hand and not much certainty on how to get the word out about the good work they offer.

freelance graphic design


A brand overhaul consisting of logo, brand, website, socials and printed materials was definitely in need. A key detail the client wanted to include was a green door which is a notable feature as the front door to their training room, this was to further communicate the message that they help unlock the door to others’ potential.

On-site is a training cafe that is open to the public, I also designed their logo that ties in together with All Inclusive’s.


brand design mackay

logo designer

branding identity design

freelance designer

More work.

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