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Upper Limbs & Things

Giving back your independence.


Popp Hand Therapy was a very well-known business in North Queensland’s Mackay area helping people through hand & occupational therapy. After much brainstorming and vision-casting, they were ready to rebrand to extend their services and wanted a fresh new look and feel to bring them into the new chapter for the business.

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Armed with a new name, Upper Limbs & Things came to life with a dynamic brand that is both quirky and defined. Adapting their original colour palette, I gave the brand it’s own mark with various patterns and elements. The abstract drawing of arms raised and legs in motion creates a friendly feeling and suggests movement and mobility - a key focus of the business in giving clients back their independence.

Upper Limbs & Things pride themselves on creativity and connection. This was brought into the brand through graphic elements. A tread-like pattern taken from the logo, and playful limbs that weave in and out, took the brand to another level.

The brand extended out into signage, digital media, print collateral and an eye-grabbing wall display in their office.


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graphic design mackay

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